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AFCEE 4P A-E 08, US Air Force Academy, Colorado – Drinking Water Contingency Response Plan

PRUDENT provided a Drinking Water Contingency Response Plan (DWCRP) and supported Archaeological Site Recordation and Preservation.  PRUDENT developed the new Drinking Water Contingency Response Plan (DWCRP) in accordance with the USAF WCRP Guide (Oct 2004) and AFCESA’s ETL 04-11:  Recommendations for Incorporating Water System Emergency Response Plan Requirements.

PRUDENT inspected existing facilities and reviewed existing plans to assess available resources for quick response and recovery, and to provide for minimum negative impact on mission viability.  PRUDENT’s Task Leader has a high level of expertise in potable water systems at USAF installations and water systems operations and also holds current DoD Secret security clearance ensuring that any exposure to classified material was managed appropriately.

The final DWCRP included a “Rapid Response” section with required components, and a separate section describing and justifying additional material requirements deemed necessary for adequate contingency response and mitigation, as well as the approximate cost estimates for implementing the options and measures identified in the DWCRP.  These options were prioritized with the most importance given to accomplishing the tasks necessary to prevent and/or respond to and mitigate the most probable threats to the base water supply system.