"Prudent demonstrates the highest degree of professional integrity with each project and every client. We're committed to maintaining our national reputation for excellence-one client at a time."

-Samuel P. Mudumala, PE

12 CONS/LSGA, Randolph AFB, Texas – Small Arms Firing Range Cleanup

PRUDENT was contracted by Randolph AFB, 12 CONS/LSGA to provide maintenance and cleanup of their Small Arms Firing Range at Randolph AFB. PRUDENT provided equipment, manpower, material, transportation, and recycling services.  PRUDENT disassembled the Air Conveyor System (ACS), performed partial disassembly of the Dust Collection System (DCS), cleaned out hoppers and vacuum lines and then re-assembled both units.  As a result of the clean-up approximately 6,500 lbs. of copper dust was collected in 55-gallon drums, labeled, and transported to a recycling smelter in Ohio.  The entire project was completed on-schedule and the work was performed without disrupting the security forces training schedule.


PRUDENT cleaned bullet residue from the trap, on the DCS and ACS systems, replaced the DCS filters, and cleaned the filters in the ACS vacuum system.  The clean-up of the firing range resulted in approximately 3,200 lbs of copper dust.  This bullet-residue was collected in 55-drums, labeled and shipped to a recycling smelter in Texas.