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AFCEE 4P A-E 08, Hickam AFB, Hawaii – Air Quality Support (Title V)

PRUDENT, as the prime contractor, assisted Hickam Air Force Base in obtaining a Title V permit, Authority to Construct, and permit exemptions. The permit process included a regulatory review to determine sources required to hold permits, emissions limits, pollution controls, required support information, and forms to be completed.  Pollution prevention opportunities were identified for a number of sources, such as the Low Observable Composite Repair Facility (LOCRF).

After the regulatory review was completed, emission source information and operational data was collected.  Actual and potential source emissions were calculated using the latest EPA and State emission factors.  If test data or manufacturer-specific equipment data was available, that data was used as the basis for emission calculations in order to estimate emissions.  Emissions were compared to state and federal emission limits to determine compliance with the regulations.  Upon completion of the emissions inventories, discussions were held with Hickam AFB to confirm permit provisions, review authorizations that had been identified to obtain, and to finalize the list of source emissions and associated emissions inventories.

In the case of Hawaii, the State required air modeling for construction of a new source.  SCREEN3 and EPA AERMOD models were used to perform air modeling for a new paint booth.

PRUDENT completed the permit applications forms for the new sources, identified emissions sources requiring authorization, and insignificant sources qualified for exemption.  A compliance plan was prepared for each source type with regulatory requirements.  The installation submitted the final permit package to the State of Hawaii and the EPA in advance of the regulatory deadline.  PRUDENT provided support throughout the permit process.