"Prudent demonstrates the highest degree of professional integrity with each project and every client. We're committed to maintaining our national reputation for excellence-one client at a time."

-Samuel P. Mudumala, PE

Experienced Professionals

PRUDENT has built an experienced staff with an impressive portfolio of past contracts awarded by various types of commercial and government clients. PRUDENT’S staff is comprised of experienced, professional engineers, geologists, biologists, chemists, environmental scientists, and construction managers. The majority of our professional staff are engineers, with over half having engineering design experience on hazardous, toxic, and radioactive waste (HTRW), and other environmental projects throughout the US. Due to client confidence in our quality, professional capabilities, management competence, effectiveness, and efficiency, Prudent today is a 150+ employee firm, with professionals around the United States.

Professional Highlight:
Pavan Ilipilla, a PRUDENT Environmental Engineer, is co-author for an article as part of his graduate work in environmental engineering entitled “Structure and reactivity of zinc sulfide precipitates formed in the presence of sulfate-reducing bacteria”. The article was recently published in Applied Geochemistry. The article reviews the biologically mediated formation of metal sulfide precipitates in anoxic sediments which represent a potentially important mechanism for the sequestration of toxic metals in the environment.